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o_firmieSigma, the promotion and advertising agency was founded in 1998. Since then, we have been designing  and producing wide range of complex promotional campaigns, fairs, conferences, events and bonding events. Moreover, we deal with a production and distribution of advertising materials and personnel outsourcing.

The agency consists of many experienced coordinators  throughout the country, who are able to achieve all – Poland campaigns demanding on-going supervision in the field. On the grounds of  fifteen years’ experience and cooperation with many companies, we have created  acknowledged know how in the field of action in ATL and BTL techniques.

In 2001, we were awarded “Company with Future” on the 8th Quality Forum by the Swiss- Polish Entrepreneurship Center and Craftsmanship Chamber in Katowice.

Client satisfaction is our priority. We focus on quality, good communication and simple solutions. We do our best to serve customers properly and to fulfill their expectations about our work. We never stop in being the best as to quality of our services.

Each of us is individually responsible for our duties and results of work. This responsibility requires not only constant competence development, but also the ability to let other co-workers to make decisions  in situations when they are the closest to the customers. We appreciate  every employee and its contribution to the agency, especially those whose work is outstanding.

We actively encourage our personnel to be creative and innovative. We are constantly looking for  improvement and  trying to enforce it to every aspect of our cooperation. Our motto is “I can do it”. That is why we are oriented on looking for new solutions.

Our aim in cooperation is not only to gain the best sales figures, but also, to help out the contractor with any time-consuming actions. Moreover, our goal is to enable good coordination, to reduce logistic costs  and to encourage our partners to long-range cooperation. Such things as financial aspects, reporting or project implementation we discuss with our customers individually.