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Sigma offers  sales support in a couple of areas :


Presentations  of   products or services
The simplest and most often used form of sales and information about a product or service is presentation. Marketing message support additional tools such as flyers, folder or gadgets.


Tasting, besides marketing message about a product, additionally influence senses: smell, sight and taste, giving the consumer an opportunity to taste the promoted product, its application, serving.


Sampling is one of the most effective methods of reaching the target group. The reason of that is suitably chosen formula for  communication. Sampling is often used when launching a new product or as a reminder of an existing offer, it largely influences the growth of product acceptance.


Using demonstration allows direct interaction with features and benefits of presented products. 


Fairs and conferences
Participation in fairs and conferences gives the opportunity for a company to canvass new customers, to learn about their expectations and to get immediate opinion about the products. It also gives a chance to create or improve company image and to boost media interest.

Presentations, tastings, samplings and demonstrations are tools that provide direct contact with potential consumers. The aim of this form of marketing communication is to inform the customer directly about the service or product as well as the benefits of the purchase.

Sigma takes part in simple promotional activities as well as those with very complex scenarios and requirements. The company undertakes both one-time projects and long-term or cyclical.

Over 300 people organized throughout the country take part in this activity. They work in a direct contact with regional coordinators.

Within the project, Sigma is in charge of both employment and supervision of promotional staff. Moreover, the company is responsible for purchasing materials and products as well as specialist equipment for activities (e.g. tasting stands equipped with kitchen appliances, roll-ups ,crockery, promotional suits).

Activities are performed in a large shopping centers as well as small retail chain, outside chain of stores, in town centers, in the open air, means of transport, gas stations and office buildings.

Many years of experience in the preparation and implementation of the above services, a broad knowledge and long-term cooperation with the points of sale, thousands of projects completed for small and large companies allowed to develop effective solutions considering even the most demanding customer needs.